Powering My Big Trip

Ok. As I feel, I really should abstract away from any thoughts about MBT (My Big Trip) for the time left. And there are less than two weeks to go.

But before I take a break and before I go, there's another important thing to do.
I want to define and set my expectations from MBT.
On the one side, I set my mind not to have any expectations at all to open myself to life and fortune as much as possible.
On the other hand, such a trip is quite a powerful thing and I invite the Universe to be my closest travel buddy, guide, assistant, security and dream fulfiller!

For this I'm sharing my likes and wants with the Universe to give them a launch. So, I go because:

– I want to get a sense of freedom, feel that I live my life according to how it happens to me, without obligations to do something or go somewhere, or not to do something… I want to get a feeling of lost time, when time doesn't matter for me…
– MBT can help me realize I am able to be brave enough to leave materialistic life with standards of school-university-work-marriage-children-work-money-car-apartment-furniture – a better car-better clothes and so on. I am leaving my prestigious work at the time when I have wonderful opportunities opening for development and promotion… I am leaving my well set life for my inner soul demands!
– Following from the previous paragraph, I also want to better learn to listen to myself and understand what I really want from inside and to be brave enough to do so.
– I love warm countries and I want to spend cold season in the warm countries
– I love cooking and different foods, and I want to get all different tastes in Asian countries. I also want to work/volunteer cooking somewhere in Asian kitchens
– I like meeting people and sharing with them, and people on such backpacking trips are usually my type of people with extraordinary minds!
– I would like to meet a soul-mate to have My Big Trip become My Great Trip for life ever 🙂
– I want to learn to be quiet and relaxed, to meditate, to let my mind rest. I also think to take a course of Vipassana in Thailand
– In India I would like to advance in yoga, not gymnastics, but spiritual yoga with relaxation and mind off in asanas
– I want to improve my health and my self-feeling through freedom, independence, more active lifestyle
– I want to meet more experienced people, contact with whom can open for me some more understanding of processes, my existence, my role in life…
– I want to enjoy nature
– I want to be able to get to live without hurrying, controlling, organizing, planning
– I want to take part in an Indian ritual wedding
– I want to maybe have my hair cut bold 🙂 for health reaons – maybe they grow better and healthier and don't fall off, and maybe there's some connection with renovating my life…. As if cutting away my old habits and old memories, making reset for myself like for a computer…
– Yes, memories…. I want to feel free from my memories and regrets about some periods of my life, some people… I want to get sure I really overcame it all, and all I have is good experience, but no regrets and upsets, even in my subconscious!
– I want to see myself manage well on money, so that I am not concerned about how much or little I spend, and have less concern about it, and take it easy
– Last winter in the Andaman Islands I learned diving and I want to practice diving more and enjoy beautiful sea spots
– I want to meet local people from countries where I travel, to make friends, stay in their homes and see their real life
– I think I want to make my mom come to some of the places, where we do not need a visa and where it is less shocking for her, than India. I'd like to make her come and visit me for a week or two to see how much I enjoy, to let her rest and see how that world is different from European countries she is used to
– I want to re-process my karma, which I strongly felt happening last time in Varanasi. So I want to visit there again to dive into its magic atmosphere…
– I want to get balanced and calm, to generate more of kindness and love
– I want to make good photos and write nice stories to enjoy sharing with others!

Let it be! Ommmmmmmmmmm 🙂


About the author - a courageous traveller, who left her prestigeous highly perspective job for the sake of travelling and discovering life; - a sincere food lover, who cooks with devotion, tastes with passion, talks food with sparkle, shops food with addiction; - a thoughtful socializer, who finds communication clues to variable personalities and situations

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