I should take the floor and make a speech:-)

More and more colleagues are getting to know that I am leaving the company for MBT!
It's been a while since I took that decision and for me it looks a regular thing now.
My friends, who know me quite a bit, havent expressed much of a surprise.
My parents – clear thing, they are worried and ask lots of questions, demonstrate big concern. However, I took care of them by starting preparing them little by little long ago.
But colleagues – that's who contribute to the issue!  They are a real good mixture of reactions from my friends and parents plus a bonus of many more variations.
Maybe I should make a list of their reactions and also score them 🙂
Maybe I will some day, I still have another week to collect and…  enjoy.

Maybe I sh/could make a speech to the public and answer all their questionsas well as question them about the essence of their fears when someone says this is dangerous or fearsome…
Maybe there could be questions none of us could answer, and then I'd promise them to go and check for it on my trip!


About the author - a courageous traveller, who left her prestigeous highly perspective job for the sake of travelling and discovering life; - a sincere food lover, who cooks with devotion, tastes with passion, talks food with sparkle, shops food with addiction; - a thoughtful socializer, who finds communication clues to variable personalities and situations

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