What is TOVANA?

In some older posts you may encounter word Tovana.
My previous blog was also named TOVANA. Unfortunately I could not name this one the same, as this name had been taken, but still this word is important to me and keep using it in my posts, mostly in Recipes of My Mind.

So, TOVANA comes from Hebrew word תוֹבָנָה meaning INSIGHT. I chose it for a few reasons:

  1. it partially reflects the idea of this blog – my constant thoughts running through my mind in search of understanding made me create it in order to be able splashing them here with more space and freedom of speech
    But I still wouldn’t name the blog after this word if not for the second reason.
  2. This word is very meaningful to me, as I learned it from one of few people who are very dear to me and who have been playing an important role in my life. This is a friend in Israel who I used to have long deep conversations with, and they were “tovanous” I would say ))
    Once in some discussion about life I achieved another insight and A. (that very friend) was happy for me saying (in hebrew): ahh, now you arrived with the insight! And with the understanding of what I had just achieved, now I had to guess and understand what he was saying to me. For some time we both couldn’t find the right synonyms in English and I couldn’;t find one for myself in Russian to get sure that I got it. So the word became kind of mysterious to me till I got back home and looked it up. I’ve always liked it ever since and didn’t miss a chance to use it with A. when appropriate.
  3.  I LOVE coming to an understanding of things and I am said to know to explain well, so this is rather MY WORD, isn’t it?!


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