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What is TOVANA?

My previous blog was named TOVANA. Unfortunately I could not name this one the same, as this name had been taken, but still this word is important to me and I would keep using it in my posts, mostly in Recipes of My Mind.

There’ve been questions about the name of my account. I told the meaning in FB when announced the long-doubted start, and of course it was not enough and I should explain more.

So, TOVANA comes from Hebrew word תוֹבָנָה meaning INSIGHT. I chose it for a few reasons:

  1. it partially reflects the idea of this blog – my constant thoughts running through my mind in search of understanding made me create it in order to be able splashing them here with more space and freedom of speech
    But I still wouldn’t name the blog after this word if not for the second reason.
  2. This word is very meaningful to me, as I learned it from one of few people who are very dear to me and who have been playing an important role in my life. This is a friend in Israel who I used to have long deep conversations with, and they were “tovanous” I would say ))
    Once in some discussion about life I achieved another insight and A. (that very friend) was happy for me saying (in hebrew): ahh, now you arrived with the insight! And with the understanding of what I had just achieved, now I had to guess and understand what he was saying to me. For some time we both couldn’t find the right synonyms in English and I couldn’;t find one for myself in Russian to get sure that I got it. So the word became kind of mysterious to me till I got back home and looked it up. I’ve always liked it ever since and didn’t miss a chance to use it with A. when appropriate.
  3.  I LOVE coming to an understanding of things and I am said to know to explain well, so this is rather MY WORD, isn’t it?!



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