Recipes of My Life

Life is a Kitchen, where I am a Chef.


  • Katerina avatara courageous traveller, who left her prestigious highly perspective job for the sake of travelling;
  • a sincere food lover, who cooks with devotion, tastes with passion, talks food with sparkle, shops food with addiction;
  • a thoughtful socializer, who finds communication clues to variable personalities and situations
  • a life philosopher who takes difficulties as challenges allowing her to wind up her brain and practice her moderation

Since I started this blog for myself and my friends who convinced me to do so in order to avoid my long notes on facebook, I noticed among my audience and subscribers many readers who I even do not know personally. I thank you for your interest, which fascinates me and inspires to tell more! Lately I’ve been living my life in travels, which opened to me great prospective of circulation of kindness in the world. many people help me, and I am eager to help you! So, if you have a question (mainly my fields of expertise are traveling, cooking and mind/meditation) or a request (ex. to find/bring something from the countries where I’m traveling), please, do not hesitate to contact me: or fill in the form below.


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