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  • the author of the book “The Breath of Life” (yet to be published)
  • a meditator and Truth seeker
  • a courageous long-term traveler
  • a teacher and guide to independent traveling
  • a thoughtful communicator
  • a sincere food lover
  • an inspiror
  • an experimentalist of conscious life style

This site is kind of a reflection of my life based on the example of topics I’m interested in, which inspire me to share with you.

2014 and 2015 I lived in traveling, which created for me a new connection  with the world and people populating it, with the Universe! I understood the circulation of kindness, as many strangers have been helping me, so I learned to help others too! Besides, the experience gained on traveling and the practice of meditation which I learned at that time have changed me and my life tremendously. I share about mindfulness and meditation HERE.

In that regard, according to demands of many, I wrote a book The Breath of Life (still in work), as well as I share my mind on youtube channel and I offer my guidance for independent traveling in Asia, mainly India and Malaysia to spread the spirit of freedom and joy that I learned (fb group Travel and Life Experience.) Also you can learn more about me by reading some posts, which I mark with a tag About me, if it relates. There is also a page telling ABOUT ME AS A TRAVELER and ABOUT ME AS A MEDITATOR.

If you have any questions (mainly my fields of expertise are traveling, conscious living/eating and mind/meditation) , please, do not hesitate to contact me! I’ll be happy to share!

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