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My basic advice for traveling would be:

  • to have an idea in your mind, but not to make it a plan. Always stay open for opportunities that life can bring!
  • talk to locals: ask them how to find, how to get, how to use! From a conversation relationships start!
  • stop by some people doing something, be quite close that they can notice you, but a bit away not to intrude. And look in their faces and smile. Express sincere interest in what they are doing, show your surprise, admiration. Soon you will be taking photos together and probably you’ll be invited for a tea 🙂
  • travel in small places, they are more authentic and people are more genuine!
  • go by public transport, same as they do, it so much feels one of them!
  • appreciate people, not places
  • take a challenge to overcome your fears and indecisiveness in many situations of traveling, where no one knows you, and bring back home best memories and skills!


Look at my last (nick) name and it should tell you all! Once in my life I felt too tight even to have one definite name, so I chose a wider one 🙂 I understood about FREEDOM, where travel experience contributed a lot, and it is with me ever since!
I had never dreamt to travel. It just happened to me. With all regular fears and hesitations like you may also have before quitting your job and habitual routine. I went with a one way ticket, aiming for half-a-year, maybe a bit more. I met a guru on my first month of traveling, and he got his insights about me and asked me what I research. I replied it was a mistake, I wasn’t a researcher, I just came to India to travel… and only later I realized what a serious research I made about life on traveling, about people and situations, most important about myself!
For me traveling is not just pleasure. This is philosophy. I, personally, travel for life experience, and this is what I encourage others to do too!

With this video I offer you to take a share of my ideas to one of the most popular questions:
Besides that particular concern, I relate to some more important philosophical questions…

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