Katerina Universal, Meditator

Meditation is a big part of my life. Unfortunately not yet all, only big. But I’m aiming there.

I developed my taste for meditation at the time of My Big Trip in Asia during 2013-2015. First bells for waking up had sounded due to my hard experiences in life before so that I was absolutely ready to open up for this new and life-changing knowledge.

I was lucky enough that my practice was being built gradually and stabely as if someone had thought of the best plan for me. Starting from mainly intellectual learning, I continued to practices at places (I share information about some of the best (in my view) places for learning meditation here.) and then integrated sitting meditation into my everyday life.

In parallel, I happened to stay in buddhist monasteries in Vietnam and Burma. Wherever I appeared, I was noted as a skiillful meditator with a sharp to understand mind. Even though yet quite new to it myself (1-2 years) in the monasteries I was offered to conduct introduction meditation sessions for visitors.

I was living in the moment, just like meditation teaches tto do, and looking back now I can say, I was really walking my path and was given recognition and support from my teachers. I couldn’t know yet that the praactice of mindfulness would become my main assertive in life.

Settling down back in Europe after My Big Trip I kept the regulariity of practice and started to introduce mindfulness in my daily activities.

I learned from Buddhist places as if I discovered a treasure, and from suggestion of my master I was ready to share the Knowledge with others, so I opened the doors of our home to those who could be interested to meditate together. Later ZOOM meditation sessions took over.

My meditation practice is Universal, it is not attached to any particular technique… My understanding of the wisdom comes from the Buddha teachings, which is not to confuse with religious worshiping. The real Dhamma (Buddhist philosophical teaching) is about experiencing and knowing the life by each one individually.

Thus to have experience and to practi ce detachment, once I shaved my hair during my two-years long trip. You can see a video and read in my blog about it.

Quite spontaneously I also happened to experience two months of nunhood, which unexpectedly and unbelievably deepened my immersion into Dhamma. My understanding stabilized in confidence of knowing. Since then I am on the way to grow my experience of it too.

I have been always told by my teacher and other experienced meditators that I am gifted with understanding, so I should learn more to be able to share more.
I will be happy to encourage and help you in your practice too!

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