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Do you feel thrilled when you hear stories about Asia (India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand)? Are you amazed to see photos of travelers, but you have never dared going there yourself? (see below more in English)
Tour agencies will surely create appropriate conditions for your trip in an organized group, however, it will limit you from having THE TRUE EXPERIENCE!
I dare declaring that only a free traveler can get to know the country as it is, dive into its authentic atmosphere by means of which one can also discover the sense of life.
Thus I offer you a completely different format of a trip – INDEPENDENT TRAVELING under my guidance.
Why with me? – I am an experienced backpacker and a big fan of Asia. I am writing a book about life realizations based on my 2-year travels. So, with me you´ll be able tto get to know, andeven to EXPERIENCE BY YOURSELF what others will only read in the book.
As a professional travel buddy (meditation educator and life “inspirer”), I can help you overcome any fears and doubts on the way of traveling and, as its reflexion, in life!
I will help you to navigate in every day activities and understand they way locals do it. I know their tricks and I’ll keep an eye, so that we are not outsmarted. I know to bargain and I’ll make sure to get good prices! I adore Asian food and I’ll help you in your choices.
Traveling under my supervision for a period of 2-3 weeks in India would charge you for my services 400 euros in economy mode and 550 euros with better comforts. Cost for traveling in other countries is to be discussed additionally.
Besides, you pay your own flight. Expenses for accommodation, food, transport etc may come to 200-1000 euros, depending on your preferences. India is diverse and affordable for any budget!
Contact me soon for further details and we will start planning our exciting trip according to your preferences!

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