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For a Travel Buddy

Русская версия

If you:
 – are an experienced traveler, who has proven skills in having not expensive ways of life in traveling
 – know not incurious spots with their special energy and uniqueness, 
where there has hardly been put a person’s step,
 – prefer to go by local transportation with local
people instead of a comfortable bus,
 – take with you fruits and water and not cigarettes and coke,
If you like to:
 – bright and loud discuss new impressions,
 – keep silent when enjoying picturesque spots,
 – conduct philosophical conversations,
 – laugh as a child,






If you think that you are not good at solo traveling, but you like the idea, if you are not confident in your nimbleness and survival skills and this is what stops you from backpacking, – anyway do join me and LET’S TRAVEL TOGETHER!

I know to travel in a way that others don’t and I can help you by sharing my experience! However, when advancing my skills I neglected my opportunity to work and get paid monthly. Therefore, in order to continue My Big Trip and stories about it I dare counting on your help and financial support of MBT.
If we travel together and you require my help as mentioned above, your help to me would equal such expenses as transportation, meals, night stays, entry tickets (where needed) – everyday expenses for yourself and for me.

If you are interested in being accompanied, by traveling together with me you can:

1. Visit various towns and places (instead of lying on a beach with a package tour trip) in the most favorable time and season (weather, festivals, seasons)
2. Discover the country by local buses, trains, rikshaws, when we can bargain the lattest for their and ours fun and benefit.
3. attend weddings sometimes, although those can be unfamiliar people, but as a rule we become dearest guests at a wedding!
4. Try variety of dishes of Asian cuisine (I understand pretty well their names and types of cooking), also getting it non-spicy if you prefer so, as it is usually a challenge to know to explain and get it done really mild.
5. Receive services, buy souvenirs and so on by prices with good discounts which I can arrange.
6. Stay at homes of local people of different financial opportunities and ways of life as i have friends and contacts around
7. Visit unbeaten paths.
8. Probably get written about in this blog, as a participant of my life for a certain period of time.








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