My Big Trip

The most popular recipe that I use in my life these days is MBT which stands for My Big Trip.

MBT started in September 2013 when after tough considerations I quit my beloved job as an Intellectual Property Manager in and made my way to Asia.

First, I spent 5 months in India to travel from the North to the South of the country gaining my best travel experience as a backpacker. I am in love with India for its multifacetedness and I would like to encourage everyone to go travelling there to see and add new ingredients to your life if you care!

India collage

Then month by month there was greeny green greenous Sri Lanka, modern and spacious Malaysia, relaxing Thailand (where I took a Vipassana meditations course) and mountainous Nepal.

Overall I spent almost 9 months in Asia collecting and preparing recipes of My Big Trip. I longed for feeling of freedom and independence when I left for MBT, and among other ingredients, I also found there much wisdom for my life, kindness from people on my way and big appreciation of all my past and new experiences.
Then there were 40 days of hitchhiking in Europe.

I shared stories about my traveling  in my old blog HERE and now I continue traveling in India from August 27 2014.

After a few years with the reconstruction of the website, I added more info:

Next followed another tour in the countries of Asia with three months spent in India, in very unusual places, where a rare traveler visits without talking about regular tourists! For example former tribes of Nagaland people, head hunters! Then was Burma, where I met a community of Buddhist monks and nuns, with whom I am tightly connected till now; once I have even had a two months experience of being a nun. And then Indonesia, China and more hitchhiking in Europe.

There I met my husband in the framework of Couchsurfing service, when I asked him for a stay of a couple of nights and delayed till now, thus having terminated My Big two years long Trip.

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