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Malaysia is wonderful due to its diversity. It is seen in the culture: besides for Malai, there are Indians and Chinese living peacefully together. This is reflected in multiple languages of Malayisa, food varieties, architecture, goods.
It surprises that Malaysia is both: traditional and very modern. Already in one day one can be amazed at stylish life of business quarters wiith their shining skyscrapers, and visit the China town in the atmosphere of its red color in all designs and notes of music particular of China, same as enjoy the brightness of odours of the India town, not to forget to indulge in the world heritage of Malay UNESCO protected architecture.
And the nature in Malaysia – always fresh greenery with diversity of tropical plants, waterfalls, mountains and of course beaches!!!
Cities in Malaysia are so much different one from the other, that one can get an impression of traveling in several countries! Situated in the center of the South-East Asia, Malaysia literally took its role of a representative of the beauty, tastes and other tendencies of its neighbours.


India is incredible for its authenticity. Everything is natural there: the well-being and the poverty. It is known that everything is possible in India! Multiplicity of the population, religions, practices – all this creates a huge amount of energies, which involve the traveler too into their turnaround as soon as the traveler is ready to cross the borders of the habitual.
India calls for admiration and disguise. It both: entertains and teaches. Its colorfulness makes one’s eyes enjoy, aromas of essences and spices constantly activate our odoural senses and taste receptors. The sounds of everything happening at the same moment doesn’t leave our hearing passive. Tactility of Indians reminds us of reactions of our body to sensations, – thus all 5 sense doors work vividly for the benefit of our own learning! And along with that there is always our mind which manifests itself with all its hidden problems which are triggered and show up on the surface in India. This is an ideal country to awaken consciousness and turn towards mindfulness meditation. India gives to every visitor a new cycle of his life!

In the limited terms of vacations and with full time occupancy before it, when it is difficult to study all opportunities, the maximum one can count is a touristically organized trip in a group with a fixed schedule.

  • freedom from the “cattle effect” of a big group (here only 4 travel buddies)
  • flexibility in the speed and prefered directions of moving
  • Choice of your own time and preferences for the trip
  • meals without a schedule, but according to one’s own sense of hunger and interest when we see food sold at places
  • experience of orientation, way finding in new places
  • acquaintance with the life of the visited country due to use of public transport and communication with locals

Such format will make you forget that you are just on a vacation, this will be YOUR LIFE IN TRAVELING; which is just WONDERFUL!

Or use me during travels for YOUR INDIA SHOPPING!

I know this girl longer than others and my traveling with her began when she didn’t walk yet. Now I travel thanks to her, while she has strengthened her skills of accompanying people in their traveling. Due to my inability to speak foreign languages, I need some care. Thus thanks to my sister I traveled in Israel, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and twice in India. And each time it wasn’t limited by a visit to read more

My trip to India was my second independantt traveling experience after the one in Nepal, and it might have not taken place if once I hadn’t come across a travel blog in the web,where I learned about a traveler who had been staying and traveling in India already quite long, and what was more important to me, she appeared to come from the same country as me too. I ssent her a message and very soon we agreed to meet read more

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