Details of Independant Traveling

Traveling with me is always about flexibility in variants.
– 2, better 3 weeks;
– relationship of a traveler (a professional) – traveler (a newbie), and not a tourist and an excursion guide.
– nothing is included, nothing is booked in advance (besides for trains iin India);
– each one pays individually his/her own meals, lodging, other types of transportation according to own desire and choice;
– each bears his/her own financial responsibility for his/her travel budget (selecting, making decision, calculating is a special part of the independant travel experience)
– preferences in regard to the expected level of comforts are discussed in advance in order to coordinate preferences of comfort level vs cost values to choose travel buddies with similar goals.
I take a role of an old friend, experienced traveler and take initiative and realiyation of our life on traveling. That is, I take care of logistics, orientation, aid in choosing food, bargaining for adequate prices when buying souvenirs and local goods, as well as payments for autorikshaw, simcard, etc., which is known as a big field for cheating tourists.

To participate in INDEPENDANT TRAVELING experience with me, one is required to bear the expenses of my flight and costs of living at the place. Average cost of that for India would be 400 euros per person and in Malaysia 500 euros in a group of 3 travel buddies joining me. Besides, approximate expenses of each one individual for his/her own needs with the exception of the flight, will make from 200 euros and up according to his/her own preferences.
In the eyes of the experience of my previous trips, India is possible to travel starting from ONLY ONE THOUSAND EUROS for all expenses in total.

If it’s not you going to India, – you may order India to come to you HERE!

This project is not business, and its initial idea is to share my accumulated experience and knowledge in the spheres that I believe are useful to others. Therefore, I am open for a discussion of your concerns, options and interests!
Dont hesitate to ask if you have any questions about traveling together or even for your own travel plans which you are welcome to build upon my experience! I will be happy to serve you as much as I can.

Katerina Uni, a Traveler

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