Meditation and mindfulneess are the same.
Meditation is the work with the mind. Mindfulness is both: the process and the result of meditation.
Our life happens according to our mind. With clarity of one’s mind life is clear and pure. The more one’s mind is taken care of, the more life is secure.

Mind is very strong in its charecteristics. So, if we don’t control mind, it controls us.

There is a direct link between mind and our behaviour, habits, reactions. The way we live our daily routine, have our job, communicate with families and friends, eat, feel – all is led by mind.

That is why mind is most important and it should have proper attention from our side.



Mind is cleaned with pure attention. As we all love attention and develop major psychological problems when we don’t get enough attention since our childhood, same is the mind. If we never give it attention, it becomes unstable, lacks confidence, behaves with agression to win that attention. In the terms of attention towards the mind we speak about meditation. This is where the mind is properly taken care of and cleaned from its defilements.


Every happening around and with us comes in contact with one of our 6 sense doors of perception.
1. A visual object we accept with our eyes, and it gives arisal to seeing consciousness.
2. An audible object affects heariing consciousness to arise though our ears as the sense door.
3. A tactile object is due to sensations of the body bringing touching/feeling consciousness.
4. An olfactory object is that one within the nose when smelling consciousness arises.
5. And in contact with our tounge we experience taste object aand tasting consciousness.
6. Mind is also a sense door with an object of a thought/emotion, giving a rise to mental consciousness.
Whenever we see a beautiful flower, we should understand the real happening: perception of an object with seeing consciousness. Without ability to percept no objectt would make a diifference. So, we should know to acknowledge the real happening as the sense door open and consciousness arising.


When we say that everything happens in life due to our mind, we should also understand, that attachment in the mind plays the essential role in causing our suffering. Attachment is a connection in the mind to a concept or an object, which prevents from accepting happening as it is and aims for a change instead.
The opposite power to attachment is detachment. While attachment is a charecteristic in the mind initially inlined with it, detachment is to be developed by our practice of mindfulness with the Right Understanding. The more the Right Understanding is, the easier is to have the power of detachment.
One should pay attention that often attachment is confused with love, and detachment is compared to indifference.


Before all, we should understand that being ignorant and having no control over our mind is not something wrong in this life. Actually, this is common and natural for all human beings. If not for the ignorant mind, we wouldn’t be born in this life. The life, as we generally know it, is the home place for the ignorant mind, and it is also created by ignorance. That is another circle, which we should try to break through.


Right Understanding is about the Truth. It is when we see every happening with awareness about the law of impermanence. Wrong understanding is habitual behaviour of our mind, when we take something as real and believe in truthfulness of something or someone. In order to develop the Right Understanding we must be able to detach from our wrong understanding. Like this we can work on changing our mind from ignorance to widsom.


The Absolute Truth is what applies to all, which is correct in every situation and has no variation in representation. The Absolute Truth is complete. It is the Nature of al. However, due to the ignorance in our mind, we are not able to knoww the Absolute Truth and we base on common believes which describe this life, and this world and processes in a wway that all people can more or less understand each other. However, misunderstanding, confusion, conflicts happen due to the fact, that commonly accepted belive system is not complete. This is Created Truth. Everything we know is Created Truth. People, animals, natural resoources, liike rivers, fields, forests, etc; objects, like a pen, a chair, a car, a table; processes like walking, talking, thinking, running; as well as feelings, emotions are just Created Truth. Created Truth can be right only in limited situations, while Original Truth is unlimited. It indicates to the Law of Impermanence, whichh is the Nature of all. There is no something or someone real, there is only Impermanent Nature. It is Ever New, always changing. It is all that there is. The ignorant mind percepts Ever New Changing Nature as something whole, believing it is real.


Suffering is one of the 4 Noble Truths (created) taught by Buddha. Suffering is an integral part of every life. As long as one doesn’t have the Right Understanding and lives with attachment, they experience suffering even on their own example of life. However, the concept of suffering liesmuch much deeper, tightly connected to the Laaw if Impermanence. Those who reject suffering, don’t admit iit iin their life, they hhave no chance to awaken, as thhey reject one of the principal postultes.



We can spend lots of time in philosophizing about what is mind, trying to understnad its difference from the brain and find its location in our body. However, none of this is going to help us in our life. What is sufficient to know is that MIND IS MOST IMPORTANT and we should take account of it in every moment. Even though we might not know what mind is, we bring our attention to the present moment of every happening and this experience will start discovering understanding about mind. What is essential here is to focus on one’s own experiences of the happening and make sure not to follow the outside factors.
In the present moment observation within one’s self one may encounter such appearing characteristics as ideas, plans, memories, feelings, emotions, desire, doubt, judgement, pleasure, etc. Behind every such aspect there’s the power of the mind.


There is a scheme by which mind functions better than the clock, without a chance for any deviation or error. Mind follows one and the same process (unless we develop wisdom). And there is its power, in its systemacy.
Let’s look at it by setting description groups in the sequence that they take in the process.

  1. Contact of an object with one of doors of perception.
  2. Corresponding consciousness arises.
  3. With simple recognition a feeling happens, pleasant or unpleasant, automatically.
  4. Feeling conditions appearance of desire. It can be craving to get more of what we like or rejection of what we dislike. In both cases there is this strong desire.
  5. Next arises grasping which brings volitional action.
  6. The result of grasping is becoming. Energy for new happening is built, it gives a new birth.

New birth will inevitably bring a new contact, then corresponding consciousness, which will involve new feeling and so on.
At the point of the contact with an object starts a flow, which accumulates and increases its power through the whole process of the dependant origination. This power is the creator of new and new cycles, which imprison us in constant unconscious happening.

To decrypt I should say this is the reason for our overeating, or such addictions as smoking or alcohol, or just bursting anger, or buiding expectations from our family. More than that, this excatly same process is the reason for our own birth. EXAMPLES:

  • Having a piece of cake without the Right Understanding we go through the contact of the cake with the tounge, where taste appears, recognizing the taste appears pleasant feeling and brings desire to have more of that enjoyment. We grasp it as real, as possible, as important, we believe in its truthfulness and we eat with desire and thus by this power we realize it again and again – an object which would make us dependant on getting pleasure from it, automatically driving us to follow the whole process again and again.
  • In a conversation a contact of the sound (falsely percepted as voice, words, meanings) happens with the ear and gives arising to auditorial consciousness, which is recognized to give an unpleasant feeling (due to believe in their rude meaning, in their insulting nature, etc) brining the desire to avoid, to reject, at the same time creating volition, grasping as real, answering with anger, creating an argument and giving force to a new becoming. So, new situation with “offensive” speaking will happen.
  • In the same very manner appears life. We grasp every happening as real, we develop volition towards it, and give power to new becoming – being born into this life, where we will come into contacts and have all consequent conditions due to the power of the mind processes.


We stay ignorant and follow the process of becoming as long as there remains this circle of dependant origination in the mind. Our task is to interrupt this circle. In order to break the chain, we must intrude into its structure.
As long as we keep following our habits, we approve the habitual setting of the mind and support the continuation of its defined pattern of behaviour.
With the PRACTICE OF MINDFULNESS we can train ourselves to be more fierce to be able to intrude in the process. Here it means we must succeed to recognize the happening, to see the influence of one factor on the next one, from an object to consciousness, to feeling,desire, volition, becoming . The practice of mindfulness enables us to be in the right place at the right time and to stop the process at one of those stages by pure knowing with the power of detachment. So, the power of DETACHMENT s essential too, to be able to abstain from the habitual perception and an automatic reaction, to give place to the freedom from the pattern. eventually leading to the final complete liberation.

For those who experience arising of such qualities as
generousity and doing good for others, opportunity is HERE

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